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Aug. 19, 2021, 3:14 p.m. -  Vincent Edwards

If we are bringing batteries into the mix, I’d love to see a wireless lockout system that unlocks suspension when you actuate the dropper. Would it work for SRAM to use a remote like the AXS shifter on the left, where the lower toggle opens the suspension and actuates the dropper, and the upper button locks the suspension? I like the photo shoot - feels spot on for the intent of this bike. \#4 wins for me. This bike is super tempting, as I’m missing my old Tallboy V3. This has very similar geometry at a lower weight and slightly more race tuned suspension platform. Back when I bought the TB3, Kona was phasing out the 111. The travel and geo were sooo close- it felt like buying the carbon 111 that Kona never made.

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