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Dec. 1, 2015, 7:18 a.m. -  Ran

#!markdown No worries, glad to help! The 2014 factory series 34 really is a pretty damn good fork (despite what people say) once you get it dialed in with the new oil and seals. I also added 15cc of float fluid on top of the air spring to reduce volume - since they dont have the bottomless tokens like the new Fox's and Pikes. Push industries sells a replacement air cap that has bottomless tokens like the pike, but its $80 vs paying $5 for some float fluid that does the job. I was really happy with mine and wouldn't have bothered switching to a Pike but I just got a crazy good deal I couldn't pass up on a slightly used one thanks to 26″ wheels losing popularity… My dialed Fox 34 felt more plush on small-medium bumps since it likes to sit a bit lower in its travel, but the Pike turned out to be MUCH more supportive sitting higher in the stroke over small bumps. Both are great options, but for my riding I prefer the Pike now.

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