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Aug. 2, 2021, 11:53 a.m. -  Ginger_SPICE

I recently built a Prime after going back and forth between that and a Titan. I'm still in a position to have one MTB to do it all in the Pisgah, so I'm SUPER happy with my decision. I have some brutal races coming up (60 + miles) so the thought of doing that efficiently on the Titan was a little scary. That said, I'm more focused on going down as fast as possible vs. big mileage/pushing the pace uphill. I also stayed with the Prime because I didn't want to "numb" the feeling of the trails.  Anyways, the characteristics of the Titan that you love are also what I love about the Prime. To sum everything up, it's almost mind blowing how centered I feel on the bike and how much more aggressive I can charge down the trail. I'm still playing around with my spacers/stack height and I'm not sure if I'll lower the fork to 150mm (currently over forked at 160mm), but overall I've definitely seen myself riding faster. The KS2 suspension smooths out chunk incredibly well, and the long stays really reign things in when I start getting loose.  This has allowed me to get past a mental barrier and push it a little to the next level. All of that said -- when I add another bike to my quiver in 2022, do I get the Titan, or is it too similar to the Prime? The Titan would be my park day/riding the chunkiest of trails bike.

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