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July 30, 2021, 10:29 a.m. -  khai

One thing I'd love to see added to ALL helmet reviews is the overall **_shape_** of the lid.  Years ago I used to be able to wear most brands' helmets.  Then maybe 4-5 years ago there appears to have been a trend toward more oval (aka European) headforms.  As the owner of what appears to be a spherical melon, all of a sudden helmet purchasing has grown into an extremely difficult proposition.  If I'm able to find a lid that doesn't squeeze the sides of my head uncomfortably, it almost invariably rotates down over my eyes when ploughing through rough chunder (or simulated in shop with some moderate head banging).  I've had to resort to "lightweight fullface" models as the cheekpads help to keep the lid from rotating forward and blocking my vision.  Not a terrible idea from a protective standpoint, but half shells are much nicer when it's hot out and especially if I'm only riding mellow to moderate terrain. Some companies make "Asian fit" models that are sold in other parts of the world but not in North America.  (Giro sells Asian fit ski helmets here but not bike)  I assume this has to do with percentage of market share and whether the manufacturer deems it worthwhile to import for the region.  A broader understanding/acknowledgement of  overall shape and how that impacts fit/comfort/protection would, imo, help to move us forward to a place where everyone can find products that fit (and thus protect) them well.

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