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Dec. 9, 2015, 10:33 p.m. -  kain0m

#!markdown One part is - do you need it the other is - do you want it Very few of us "need" what we buy. But many "like" what we buy. And like you said - companies like to capitalize on this. It's the same story why people like to buy completely overpriced smartphones at almost a thousand bucks a piece every year, where you could get 99% of the value for 150$. Or with many, many other things in our lifes… But I do agree. Companies should try and get some more value at a lower price range into the market - and not by artificially worsening a product (Take SLX brakes as an example: Their free stroke adjustment is just replaced by a bolt without a standard interface, whereas the XT has a Phillips head bolt in there - no cost savings, but a worse product).

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