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Dec. 11, 2015, 6:31 p.m. -  AndrewR

#!markdown I think you have a factual error in the third paragraph there is no chance a wheel build with DT180 hubs is ever going to be cheaper than the DT240 option. Ceramic bearings alone add $200 to the price. Perhaps you meant DT350 hubs, which are a good option especially if you are never going to want to change axle size and upgrade the bearings to Stainless or Hybrid at the first rebuild and they are essentially the same as 240s anyway? Good write up though and I am very happy with both of my ENVE wheelsets: three year old ENVE DH 26″ 32H on DT240S (at 100+ days per year in Whistler Bike Park) and one year old M70 27.7″ 32H on DT240S. One broken spoke in three years (due to a stick) and easy enough to replace if somewhat of a pain to find the correct nipple and nipple driver (could not buy either in Whistler or Vancouver in August - had to get it from Wheelbuilder) and having to remove the Stans tape etc in order to install it. Wheel stayed true despite broken spoke though.

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