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July 23, 2021, 5:54 a.m. -  sacki

...The point about the unneccessity of exchangeable rails I will definitely keep in mind, although this is indeed one more feature we thought could distinguish the saddle frokm others. Most of my riding buddies managed to ben the rails of their saddles at least once - no matter shich brand or model. I have broken carbon rails myself, I have bend steel rails - shit happens. If you manage to bend the rails ona SAGMA, you can easily replace them. That is one of the ideas of exchangeable rails. And I would like to mention again, that the creaking is not really an issue in the overall perspective. Not from what we receive from customers as feedback. For what it's worth: Here is a link to a German forum-thread about the SAGMA with hundreds of comments, also giving feedback and there is barely anything mentioned about creaking. [\#posts](\#posts) If it's inappropriate to place the link here, please feel free to delete it, I just thought it might be interesting.

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