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July 23, 2021, 5:53 a.m. -  sacki

...The saddles, which we sent to NSMB for the review were assembled before we found this out. That should be the reason, why the bolts initially came loose and maybe also caused the creaking. So once the material has settled, the bolts should not become loose anymore. We have then changed the assembly process so this will not happen anymore. What I am wondering about is, what Andrew said, that they kept getting loose. If they do come loose, they should only come loose once and after that it should be OK, especially if loctite was applied. The blue loctite, which we use in assembly is usually more than enough. That's odd and I am not sure why. What I can say is (and I am being really honest), that we barely hear of bolts keep getting loose or of any noticeable complaints about creaking. So far we are very peased with the feedback we are receiving from customers and from media. So, of course it sucks for that Andrew had this issue, especially  during a review, but it is what it is. It was his experience, and then he needs to write about it. That is perfectly correct and absolutely fair. Generally, the article is still very positive for me, because even these unusual issues he could solve very easily. So, Thank you very much again! be continued below

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