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July 21, 2021, 11:40 a.m. -  slyfink

I'm running this combo (EXO+ w Tannus Tubeless), and have had more punctures this year than in the past 3 years combined. Each time a puncture at the tread. I'd been running DD casings for the past three years w barely any issues. I hadn't fully realized that EXO+ is a single layer of 120 tpi. I thought it was the same as EXO. I'll chalk it up to user error I guess, for not having done the research. I've never gotten along well with single 120tpi tires.  About the bike... I remember rumblings in the good old days from armchair quarterbacks about how the pivot bolts attaching the seatstays and chainstays were one-sided rather than "pass-through". I can't tell from the pictures how these work, or whether the aforementioned system is really problem at all...

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