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July 20, 2021, 12:01 p.m. -  tripsforkidsvancouver

6"3 and a sprightly 175lbs and 36" inseam with seat about as high as Alex's above. Not sure if this helps but I've been on an XL 2021 Norco Sight (515mm reach) for last two months which supposedly has a longer reach than my old XL Giant Reign (485mm) so +30mm in Reach. The Reign had an ancient 73 degree seat angle and Sight now 78 degree. I've got my handlebar height nearly identical between bikes (one spacer and 50mm rise bar) but for some reason even with the Sight I feel like I am going to get thrown over the handlebars. I just did six Westside Whistler laps in 25 hours to confirm this! With the Reign I was may more stretched out but this is because of the 73 degree seat angle. I'm now pedaling way more anatomically correct with the steep seat angle and can actually activate my glutes on climbs. Because of this I've immediately adapted to a more forward PEDALING style. I think I am centred on the bike and now it just feels awkward to "push back my body" to descend, but, I need to do this to keep from getting thrown forward over the bars compared to the Reign. So anyways, I think XL bikes with steep seat angles (78-80 degrees) need longer reaches than are maybe currently being spec'd? I think Alex's G1's 535mm sounds perfect for me (+20mm from current 515mm on Sight). The steep seat angle is literally the greatest transformation in last three years for tall guys on MTBs with high seats since the dropper post. This permanently alters your riding style from being too far back and relying on your hamstrings while pedaling and descending in the crouch position, to being more centred/forward on the bike and actually using your glutes on climbs and in the crouch position. Takeaway of the steeper seat angle is I think you need a longer reach on XL bikes to compensate for this. Longer than 515mm reach for my XL sight.  Lots of tall guys here. Anyone come to the same conclusion? (FYI - same fork travel between two bikes above - 160mm. The Fox 36 on my Norco Sight runs with less sag than Pike on Giant Reign, so, this should put my front end HIGHER, but, instead, I feel like I am going to get thrown over the bars more with the Sight. Answer must the the REACH/Effective Top Tube!) Follow up: at least the Pole evolink and Geometron frames are spec’d with a 535mm reach in XL. I think they may be onto something!

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