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July 19, 2021, 6:16 p.m. -  Enurjetik

Yup, I've had that exact experience.  In fact, I gave up on the wings after suffering from what felt like thumb tendonitis for about a month after a ride in an extremely rocky, rooty area where it seemed like my thumbs had to be hooked hard the entire ride to keep my grip.  But I think part of the problem there was that the GA3s had not yet come out with a larger size.  The original size of the GA3s always felt like I was trying to grip a pencil. I went on my first ride over the weekend with the SQ 711 lock-ons in the largest size.  They're girthy, and feel like the first grips that actually fit my hands.   I love the squish and the thickness, but the flat ends still aren't close to the comfort of winged grips.  I had to rock the GA3s a couple of weeks ago when they were the only thing in the parts bin after finishing a new bike build.  It reminded me how much more comfortable the wings are than anything else in non-technical terrain, and also how much I hate the narrowness of the original GA3 width.  I'll keep playing around with the 711s for now.  It feels like they can get to a much better place with just some tweaking to their orientation.

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