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July 19, 2021, 12:28 p.m. -  tashi

I've dealt with various pain related handlebar setup and have found some really nice options: IME 11 degree bars are super nice for almost any style mountain bikin' and 17 degrees is too much for aggressive riding; I buy Salsa Salt Flats.  Available in the 800mm width I like, two grades of aluminum or carbon, and available everywhere I really like these bars.  I'm paranoid about broken front end stuff so I just buy the aluminum ones almost annually and cycle them down the bike collection.  They've ended up on a lot of bikes and this consistency has also helped with my cockpit related body issues. Stupid looking grips come in a wide variety of stupid looking.  I like a bit more stupid for more XC/road (less dynamic) riding and less stupid for more dynamic riding.  The Specialized Contour XC's are really nice for an XC option, Pro makes some that have a VERY small wing and come in two diameters, including a 30mm for folks that like "thin" grips like me.

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