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July 19, 2021, 6:38 a.m. -  Tjaard Breeuwer

Actually, I was going to put in a plug for “bar-ins”: bar ends mounted inboard of your grips and controls. Bar-ins on wide mtb bars: Don’t catch on branches Provide a position similar to a road bike position: * Roughly shoulder width, to reduce strain on shoulder blades * Slightly longer than your mtb position, for more comfort on long flats or climbs, especially useful if your saddle is fairly far forward * A neutral wrist/elbow/shoulder position. Imagine a handshaking position for your arm. * A completely different position. No matter how good the position, the human body does best when changing it up regularly. I use a pair of old, stubby, carbon Specialized S-Works bar ends. SQ-Lab makes some [dedicated]( ones, but I actually find them less than ideal, due to extensive shaping at the top creating ridges. If you do try them, try flipping them upside down. Your grip curves down, but the Inner bar-ends curve up in stock configuration. So my suggestion is to go dig in your ‘old parts’ bin, or even go dumpster diving for some Huffy’s that had bar ends installed, and give it a shot. []( * *Note that the mtb bar width = push up width mentioned on that page, is no longer supported by Lee or others, since you need pulling just as much as pushing on your mtb bar.

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