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July 18, 2021, 8:26 p.m. -  Larrabee

Try it. Twist not too tightly, then pull the twisted part FIRMLY away from the grip. Especially if you you wrap twice (2 turns around grip), you’ll create a section of untwisted wire near the grip.  Carefully twist again to “wind up” the untwisted section.  Repeat until the wires have sunk into the grip a little bit. Or until the wires break. Brass isn’t nearly as strong as stainless steel, so go easy. Take 2: you’ll know to stop sooner.  Wire in 3 or 4 places if your wire isn’t too strong   Twist, pull, repeat. It’s the pulling that allows good tension w/o breaking the wires. Twisting takes up the slack and “holds” the tension you’ve created.

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