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July 18, 2021, 8:16 p.m. -  Larrabee

Andrew: excellent article.  Monel wire is great although I’ve never found a reasonably priced source of it — not since I persuaded an aircraft mechanic to sell me a part roll of 0.032” monel (20ga) about 45 years ago.  Stainless steel (0.032”) works great on grips.  My preference: 2 wraps in 3 places.  If the glue ever fails, the grips may move, but not much.  And slowly. I’ve tried inner tube patching cement as Renthal Grip glue seems very, very similar.   I think the longevity is comparable. My Kevlar push-on grips niw need regluing after nearly 2 years. Hint to remove push-on grips w/o cutting:  sharpen a wooden chopstick (ideally bamboo) with a pencil sharpener.  Start working that under the grip.  When you gain a cm or three, squirt in Windex.  Push chopstick in at various o’clock positions, keep the Windex squirting.   Often, the grip will come lose in a minute.  A spare pair of old worn grips is better than nothing if the “good” grips are ripped to shreds. Keep these great tech articles flowing   And THANKS!!!

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