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July 17, 2021, 4:59 a.m. -  Jakub Gábriš

You are most likely forgetting that there was more than one gen. of X2. When g16 was released, it was designed around X2 that was without max pressure sticker and allowed more volume spacers to be fitted, it was also offered as an option to float x as X2 was released later. With later gen. of x2 (after recall) it all went to shit with max. pressure and max. spacers limit set lower than what was preferred when it was released and with poppet valves used in X2 you are not getting any support from damping circuit without adding a lot of harshness(and even with the harshness the support is not something to write home about). It also good to note, geometron g16 and nicolai ion16 were different in terms of kinematics as well, something not every owner realizes. If I was getting new shock for g16 I would either get storia/arma v3 tuned by geometron guys if I was from UK, or get cheap marzo coil and send it to AVA to get it tuned for me if I was from NA. G16 has sweet progressive leverage rate that works like a charm with coil. g1 is not that different in terms of progression, biggest change was related to changes to EXT shock as such(spherical bearings, negative spring, hydraulic topout) rather than kinematics.

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