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July 16, 2021, 8:12 p.m. -  Cr4w

The G1 is better for me for a number of key reasons. I actually found the XL G16 too long in the cockpit. The G1 has a 1' steeper ESTA which shortens the ETT by about 2cm, which is perfect for me though now on the G1 I run a 50mm stem instead of 35. The much bigger down tube helps a lot with stiffness on a bike this long. My G16 the handlebar couldn't swing over the top tube cleanly in a crash. I hated that even though it never actually happened. The G1 has a shorter seat tube and better stand over so that clearance is much improved. The G16 had 17mm of BB drop which never felt like it cornered like it should. My G1 is set with nearly 1cm more BB drop which is significant. I wanted a coil shock. None of these by themselves would have warranted a new bike. But all together it was definitely worth it. Sorry, lol.

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