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Jan. 19, 2017, 12:43 p.m. -  Bagheera

#!markdown Personally, I found this article hilarious. I can see where it might hit too close home, but still. Nothing like changing places to alter your perspective. Made a good job of highlighting how patronizing and stereotyping the marketing for WSBs can be. Women specific bikes (or gear)? Great, if some women want them. Supporting women who ride? All the way. Painting a frame pink and calling it women’s specific? Ummmmm. My older daughter would chose the Men’s bikes in the selection above, ‚cause they’re blue and that’s her favourite colour. My wife would not be happy with the steepened HTA on the Hail vs. the Reign. Monster truck all the way for her. Slacker, longer, wider bars (wider than mine). Can’t we just all go for a ride and have fun? We’ll wait fort he slower ones and try to catch up to the faster ones, whatever their gender. (I fondly remember a shuttle ride this summer when my wife got the „oh great, a girl, we’ll have to wait“ looks and happily proceeded to beat at least half of the group.)

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