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July 16, 2021, 11:17 a.m. -  Pete Roggeman

It's not that I'm a stodgy traditionalist, I just think downcountry is a ridiculous term because everyone's rapid embrace of it flies in the face of the fact that mountain biking was always about riding up and then back down again. So to call something DC is to imply that a regular cross country bike is not good at going downhill...and that's not true at all. It depends on what trails you ride. Are XC bikes better climbers than trail or all-mountain bikes? Of course. It's the same thing with calling everything Enduro. It bothers me so much, but I've more than given up on that one now. The industry is full of unimaginative sheep when it comes to that stuff, and the temptation to jump on a term just because it'll help you sell bikes is understandable but distasteful.  And yeah, Levy is still laughing about it, and to be clear, I place no blame on Mike and think he's a breath of fresh air, but brands and other media just lapped it up. I don't blame consumers one bit - once they read or see a term enough times, of course, they'll adopt it. Downcountry can dig a hole, crawl into it and die.

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