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July 16, 2021, 10:34 a.m. -  Scott Smith

Cr4w, that's interesting. I actually have a 2019 Sight VLT C1, and had some issues with it early on, but it's pretty trouble free at this point. eBikes need aftermarket support- I think that will come. Fanatik has taken good care of me, but I also figured out 95% of the issues I had were moisture related, so I save my eBike for summer & dry days. By the time mine is out of warranty, I hope there will be 3rd party aftermarket support shops (like has happened with suspension). These bikes do go through parts faster and require more maintenance. Longer rides on a heavier bike, no surprise there. As far as this update goes, I'm stoked they went to a removable battery. That's key when you're traveling and want to grab a quick charge at a brewery. Also good they rotated the motor because I've cracked a few lower plates. And that the slacked out the head angle, because my v1 site was 66d (before angleset)! I wonder if there is are ISCG tabs? eBikes need a taco type thing. I am bummed it's 29" only though, I'm happy on a 27.5" rear. Overall I am really stoked to have an eBike, but it's great to have a hardtail too, in case I want to ride some of those flat boring central oregon trails.

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