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July 16, 2021, 7:22 a.m. -  Hugo Williamson

But could equally go the opposite way, similar to car purchase in the UK, namely a PCP (90% of cars in UK) , the bike bought entirely on finance and dropped back at end of period for next generation of E bike.  Headline car prices have increased dramatically in the UK, as few pay cash outright, the only parameter that people worry about is the monthly repayment. The monthly repayment is usually based on the depreciation of the vehicle, which can be bought outright at the end of the contract  ( balloon payment) most don’t have the cash so just stay on the conveyer belt!!  Not sure if this contract hire occurs in other countries, but certainly in the UK, it allows folk to drive a big expensive car on a modest income, that is until it ultimately comes to the end of the conveyer belt, when sometimes the ballon payments are very considerable.

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