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July 15, 2021, 9:10 p.m. -  DadStillRides

Interesting article. I agree on almost all points. It was touched on a bit with the comments about the recent blur review, but the findings assume an average terrain where climbing and descending are nicely separated. There is a lot of traversing with little ups and downs on many of my local trails, and a lighter bike makes a real difference maintaining speed (this being said by someone who rides a banshee with alloy wheels that's never been weighed, so I'm talking light within reason). If you're so lucky to live in a place like the shore, by all means build your bike to maximize the fun part. BTW, I tried to buy a pair of those Newmen wheels for my hardtail, but didn't have luck finding them in the states (or really anywhere) when I was searching this spring.

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