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July 15, 2021, 5:31 p.m. -  araz

I went from a previous gen RM Element to a Banshee Phantom. The Phantom is probably 5ish lbs heavier, and a pretty drastic geo change. I noticed the weight on the first ride or two but quickly forgot about it. I don't track my rides, but I feel just as fast on my normal climbs and am less fatigued if anything at the top. I definitely chalk a lot of this up to the geo/body position. On rougher climbs the Banshee is easier and less tiring for sure -- I think the little extra suspension helps. On really tech climbs it's no comparison -- the steeper SA and longer reach helps me get my center of gravity up ledges and over obstacles. I also think the solidity of the frame comes into play -- I'm a pretty big guy and having less flex makes for a more predictable feel on tech climbs. I find the weight trade off well worth it for that alone. Descents are of course way way better on the Banshee. Only place I miss the RM is on smooth flats, where it was a ton of fun to hammer the pedals.  I'd love to blame my bike for my slow climbing, but that's all about my lack of fitness.

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