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July 15, 2021, 12:52 p.m. -  Sun Hester

I have a SJ Evo that's pretty trick and weighs 32\#s.  Currently however, I'm building a weight weenie Spur for the light trail days and the dog days of Summer in TX. Don't think the 6-8\#s lighter is going to make much difference in the speed of the bikes, no I believe the real differences to be in the wheels and tires that each respective bike will run. The Evo has real tires (that still roll not too badly), inserts, and a DH layup rear rim.  The Spur is getting a custom set of 1150 gram wheels and 750 gram XC tires. It was important to me to maintain a lot of separation between these 2 bikes capabilities and intentions. However, we have a local rough-ish XC loop that I take my wife and kid to. It's a good location because it's 1 way, no pets allowed, I won't put a foot down anywhere and it's not crowded. It's also decidedly more suited to the Spur. The plan is to time my laps out there on both bikes, and also swap the wheels/ tires to determine how this alters the times for each bike. Heck I might even try and add the weight difference to the Spur to assess the difference that makes. Will the Spur be as slow as the Evo if I strap 5-6\#s to the frame and run the wheelset/ tires from the Evo? I dunno, but that's my Hypothesis.

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