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July 15, 2021, 12:41 p.m. -  Sun Hester

If you want more bike fitness, you might get more absolute biking fitness riding less and applying some targeted workouts instead. I know, not as fun. If you basically hate working out, try downloading a timer app to do interval training sessions of only about 10 minutes. It's called a 'Tabata' and allows you to go really hard  in intervals for about 10 minutes. You can do 2 a day at different times if you prefer. All out. Pick your exercise for that Tabata (i.e. rowing, sprinting, jumping jacks, burpies, etc.) and I think you'll see some noticeable improvements in on bike fitness within 2 weeks and a big difference after 8 weeks. Combine it with some chill stretching or foam rolling.

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