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July 15, 2021, 8:45 a.m. -  AJ Barlas

That's an interesting point worth consideration, Marty. Rider weight:Bike weight must have some effect and given my current size, I'm at a greater disadvantage than ever before.  But I also feel that the strength to weight aspect is massive. Heaps of riders push for optimal strength to weight because there is a great benefit. A heavier rider may have a higher power output but if a lighter rider can respectively put out stronger watts, they benefit. It's often worked in my favour (not that I'm some sort of machine, but light with decent relative strength). I noticed as I push for greater mass years ago that it became harder to climb. I hadn't increased my strength at a similar rate and it was noticeably harder as a result. Dropping a couple of kilos while maintaining strength improved things.  And TDC, I agree with you. Durability is important around the Sea To Sky, especially with the terrain I enjoy most. I'll take that weight penalty but it doesn't stop me from wondering about effective ways to improve it, like lighter cassettes as Tjaard pointed out below. But ultimately, improving my fitness and getting back in the gym is what needs to happen for things to improve (for me).

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