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July 15, 2021, 7:33 a.m. -  Dude@

For our daily drivers/AM bikes, I agree that the weight difference is minimal. I believe much of this is mental and as suggested fitness. For these bikes, we are already committed in our brains to go for a bike ride which includes suffering so having a heavier bike with more comforts is welcomed.  For me, I generally prefer shorter travel, robust bikes, ie Evil trail bikes, that tend to weigh a bit more.  I think over the years we have accepted that our bikes, even trail bikes, get a bit bloated and weigh over 30lbs. And yes when uber fit, bike weight is a minimal concern, and the pedaling characteristics seem to have a bit more emphasis in relative feel. As recently written here about the SC Blur, I kind of miss that light weight XC/trail bike that let's you just go hammer for hour and because it propels you so well, you are more encouraged to ride. That bike that excites to do a ride and fast when on the fence because of time or long day.  It would be curious if you tried the SC Blur and reported back on your thoughts on weight after riding it.

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