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July 15, 2021, 6:25 a.m. -  Lu Kz

Sadly the prices were far more accessible and frankly downright exciting when we saw the price list when the models were announced internally. Due to various COVID related delays, that was a long time ago. Small companies like Norco and Rocky have been bent over the barrel with the delays and back end price increases. Their fixed contracts are for shorter terms and smaller quantities. They can't bully suppliers with buying power dickswing like Trek and Specialized (who also had somewhat drastic price increases on some models).  I hope in a few years things will calm down and Norco can go back to offering fantastic bikes for incredible value. They clearly had their supply chain logistics and internal efficiencies hammered down to make that happen, but forces outside their control seem to have thrown that away. There was a short window when consumers got to enjoy the price structure of old Norco (often dubbed the "Canadian Giant") with serious top-of-the-line contender performance brought by their more recent internal bike revolution.

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