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July 15, 2021, 5:34 a.m. -  Sun Hester

Below is the order of importance when it comes to climbing speed (assumes geo & AS are the same) 1) Rider Fitness 2) Tires (a. tread pattern b. compound c. weight) 3) Unsprung Mass 4) Overall Bike Weight It's not that bike weight doesn't matter. It most certainly does and nearly every segment of the sport tries to reduce weight where possible. It's just that there are usually easier gains available. My recommendation is to just put together a little home gym routine, and figure out the fastest rolling tires that provide adequate traction for you. That's 80% of the equation right there. Also, it's not hard to have robust carbon fiber AM wheels at under 1700 grams, certainly more robust than any Al wheel at that weight.

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