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July 15, 2021, 12:47 a.m. -  Reed Holden

I have to agree that a min $7000 price tag is not exactly making mtb more "accessible." In fact, if out of shape wealthy people need an emtb to get into the sport, who cares if they join us on the trails or not? I would far rather see way way more time and $ spent getting people affordable good quality bikes rather than more emtb in terms of growing the sport. I love the Ibis AF bikes for what they are, providing great bikes to riders with a limited budget who want to shred. Wouldn't it be great if bike companies put more effort into making the inexpensive parts work well and last rather than trying to get ebike parts to work and last. They have had no shortage of ebike specific parts being developed yet $1000 bikes still work like shit and need half the parts replaced after 1 month of real riding. Although I totally disagree with his position that NSMB shouldn't cover topics he is not interested in, I can understand his frustration with a bike industry that seems to be wholly interested in everyone upgrading their bike every year with limited interest in building the sport at its grass roots base. I'm happy for people to chime in and educated me on great companies that give lots back. (I believe santacruz gives back to trails although I am unsure how successful their program is). I feel like Knolly and chromag are the types of companies that make bikes they intend for people to ride for what should be the lifespan of the product. I'm glad to support people developing products like this. I also always buy several hundred dollars of raffle tickets every time Knolly puts up a warden to support trail societies; still waiting for my lucky number to be drawn :( In any case, it's great that someone can come on here and spout off a whole bunch of toxic frustration and everyone responds with a shrug and no one escalates things too much. That is the main reason I always come back to NSMB. It's also one of the few sites where I feel like the reviews will be somewhat honest. It's interesting to hear how Cam compares this emtb to his regular sled and the types of use he is finding for this emoped.

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