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July 14, 2021, 2:31 p.m. -  Douglas Crossman

Let's see if I get this right: "This website is ridiculous!  How dare you write articles about new bikes when they're released!   I obviously don't care about these specific bikes, and therefore you should never write about them!   In fact, I can't ride them in this small part of the world where I live, and because of that, you should never write about anything that I can't ride in my backyard!  I expect you to only discuss topics that are relevant to me and my specific preferences! Something something something about people with large disposable incomes not supporting local trail crews, despite not having any evidence to support it. Conflating eMTBs with motorcycles (but not dirt bikes?)." Pretty sure that I nailed it. Facts are that the eMTB market good for the sport.  It's introducing swaths of new riders to a sport that they may have never been able to approach before, and it's allowing other riders to ride more, ride longer, and ride at an age that they never thought possible.  Sure, you whine about it.  But unless you're riding a rigid steel frame bike with coaster brakes and a banana seat, then you don't have a leg to stand on.  Every single advancement in the biking industry has been complained about because it's "ruining" the sport, and yet here we are, enjoying it more than ever.

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