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July 14, 2021, 2:11 p.m. -  jgoodkind

They're banned on all trails built on USFS land and they're not allowed at most downhill mtb parks. If Canada wants all the ebikes, you can keep them. They're a bullshit excuse for cycling. And since my country has far more fat people than your country, maybe my people should pedal a bit more instead of seeking corner cutting options for impacting actual cyclists' fun. Oh, and don't give me the disabled or older person argument for ebikes. No one is objecting to their use of supplemental cycling aides. Those aren't the majority of ebike users. To the prior response about content not being all ebikes, perhaps don't post 3 consecutive features on ebikes. Even if you're catering to content buyers, I'm the one buying the content you write about, so unless you're considering a change to your URL, NSEMB, as a avid reader, I want to see less ebike articles.

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