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July 14, 2021, 1:45 p.m. -  Lu Kz

This comment is going to apply to all three of Norco's new Ebikes released today but I may as well leave it here: I find it a bit odd they've chosen to add yet another suspension platform (or if you want to be technical, layout I suppose, as many of them are the same "platform") to their lineup after so many years of their homogenous horst link platform where nearly everything was pretty samey. Now they still have the classic ART horst link, this horizontal horst link, the slightly different horizonal one found on their fluid kids bikes, the high single pivot, and the upside down high virtual pivot on the new range. Oh! And the high pivot, right way up horst link found on the shore, if you wanna count that one. I know you guys doubled your engineering staff a couple years ago, but dang! I also think it's odd they're going to sell this as the E-Range alongside the regular, now substantially different looking HVP Range, especially considering Norco has such a long history of long travel freeride-ish bikes they could pull names from. I guess they figure nobody has fond memories of their Truaxes hey? I think long term a bike like this is going to end up in my stable/quiver/garage. I ride a ton of bike park and the season is pretty short in the interior away from Whistler. Now cry as you might about increased wear on the trails, but it probably doesn't make a huge difference to my group of friends - we spend a lot of time and gas money shuttling trails in the spring and fall when the parks close (we all pedal plenty too, we're just... core riders, we'll say?). The idea that if we all eventually pick these up in the 900w variety, we can get our shuttle laps in without burning that much gas, plus the added ability to commute and kick around town? Seems like a major plus at some time. If only I had more friends who were thinking about these. I'm pretty sure the main thing stopping me myself is hubris. My goodness though, I think I'll wait a bit and hope prices trickle down some. I know COVID trend has only pushed stuff the other way, but when I'm looking at the quality of gear I'd come to expect on my regular bikes and then combine that with the big battery and proper engineering and stuff on the e-bike? Ouch.

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