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July 12, 2021, 9:46 a.m. -  Andeh

Interesting that the Float X is intended to phase out the DPX2.  I didn't catch that in the initial press releases.  I'm curious if the internal design is significantly different.   I've had 3 DPX2s (2 Performance Elites, one Performance) and didn't love them.  The smaller volume made them really sensitive to small changes in pressure, and I had to run them all pretty high pressure (210+ psi) despite only being 170 lbs.  I also could never find settings that provided a combination of good small bump and bottom-out.  They either felt good on small bump but blew through travel, or had decent ramp up but skipped over all the small stuff.  That matches what Vorsprung said about the DPX2:  [\_source=ig\_web\_copy\_link]( "The rebound adjuster hugely affects the range of the compression adjuster. ...  All the oil displaced by the damper shaft has to go through either the LSC adjuster orifice or the rebound adjuster orifice in the base valve. Because neither of those have a shimmed or otherwise speed sensitive circuit, it's very difficult to get low to mid speed support out of this damper without risking high speed harshness, unless the rebound is valved quite firmly, so that the rebound adjuster can be run quite open."

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