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July 11, 2021, 11:24 p.m. -  fartymarty

I've been running schradder valves since switching to tubeless 10 years ago. I was running schradder valves before that as well. They're just better than presta when you're a bit hamfisted like me. The only downside is having to drill out your rims. I'm currently using valves cut from Conti tubes which have a full length thread but have ordered some motorbike valves which should be a bit more robust. I changed some tyres over the weekend and have aired up some Minions (2.3R2 and 2.3SS) yesterday and they're still up this morning without any sealant (one tyre is new and the other well used). IMO the only thing sealant is good for is thorns - forget about side wall cuts as you run out of sealant before they seal and you have to stop and get the sealant over the cut. I would rather run a heavier tyre (currently on Tough 2.3 Vigis on 511s) than the faff of an insert.  I'm 95kg in the buff so definitely on the heavier side and they seem to work. Maybe slightly tighter tyres would solve the problem.   Then they could be aired up without sealant making trail side repairs less messy - you could pop the tyre off, put a boot / patch on and re-inflate. Edit - More info on my tape setup on [](

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