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Jan. 19, 2017, 1:06 p.m. -  Douglas Crossman

#!markdown To be honest, it's hard to see where portions of this are going. There's some pretty scathing stuff up there, and there are moments where it feels rather brilliant, but then the article seems to trip over its own feet, as it loses the point. Or at least, what I'm guessing is its point, as I may be too dumb to understand the message. That said, I think that it does a good job of highlighting just how absurd some of assumptions that are made by our industry and many of us in it are, in regards to women who ride, and the bikes that they want to ride. I can only imagine the uproar that would occur if the males in the industry were approached in the same manner. It's unfortunate that, even when the industry starts to recognize their existence, many of the women who I know who ride, feel that they're being approached in a condescending or patronizing way, rather than as an equal participant. Criticism out of the way, I wanted to thank you for the comment, "Is that dude sponsored because he can shred on a bike or for how stunningly handsome he looks for the catalogue shoot? It’s 2016, how is it I’m still asking that questions?!", because this is pure gold.

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