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July 9, 2021, 6:53 p.m. -  trumpstinyhands

"E Bikes are shit motorbikes". I almost want that on a T-shirt. He has a point though. The power delivery is pretty terrible on any of the higher settings. I've seen people spin out and crash going uphill, and also fail to make tech climbs that I can get up on my hardtail with no issues. In 'Boost' type modes you are just hanging on and assisting the motor, rather than the other way around. I guess most people just want a self-uplift for MOAR LAPS so don't care about such things, but IMHO the technology needs a hell of a lot of refining.  Until the drive unit can intelligently assist pedaling forces rather than pedaling forces assisting the unrefined drive unit, they'll just be trendy off-road mopeds. There, I said it ;)

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