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July 7, 2021, 4:20 p.m. -  Dave Tolnai

I've got to admit that I try to not let the comments bug me, but this one did. First of all, there's some poetic license here, in this article.  Am I getting older?  Yes.  Does bad fit make my body feel worse?  Yes.  Could I be stronger and in better shape?  Absolutely. Honestly though, I have no time for this scolding that gets handed out by people about how we should all be in better shape for our riding.  You know what?  I just like to go out and ride my bike.  Would I ride better if I spent a few hours in the gym each week?  Probably.  You know what I'd rather do with that time?  Yep...ride my bike. This needs to be a sport for all body types and all fitness levels.  We should be pumped that people are just out there riding their bikes, and if you can spend 100 bucks on a handlebar to make that more comfortable I can't really think of too many better places to spend that money on your bike. Lastly, don't judge what other people need to make their bike work for them.  Tall people do not have the same needs as shorter people.  Bikes and bike parts are generally not designed for the fringes.  I'm learning to worry less about how things look, and worry more about how they feel.  I think the article Andrew wrote a few months back about the Answer bar does a great job of explaining this as well (and was a bit of motivation to head down this path).  I think flat bars look stupid, and I'm proudly going to rock a high rise bar from now on.  Probably. As well, did you edit your comment?  I feel like the way it reads now makes me a bit less mad than it did before.

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