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June 15, 2021, 5:33 a.m. -  Wilson

Will watch the Vorsprung clip to see if he covers this, but wondering if you have any thoughts. Is it really the case that the speed of the wheel movement in response to an impact and the resulting chain growth can surpass the rotational speed of the hub required for engagement, thus causing feedback in the pedals? I'm sure someone could do the math... If this is in fact what is occurring, would it not have the effect of pedalling during the impact event? I suppose some suspension designs firm up more than others under pedal forces. I recently moved to a shorter travel bike and the activity in my drivetrain is far more noticeable over the same terrain. Previous wheels were built around ChrisKing - currently built around an Onyx hub. I do wonder if part of my increased activity is due to the different hub and this pedal feedback phenomena. Have to admit, this is a hard one to buy into. Would love a demo. Great writeup, Thanks!

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