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Jan. 16, 2017, 10:27 p.m. -  Robert Cole

#!markdown @CG - or anyone who knows him and watched this great bike check video Please have an experienced bike fitter visit with you and sort out your "duck feet" (perfect normal - we all show interesting asymmetries, whereas a bicycle for all intents is symmetrical. When riding clipped-in, its important to have a great fit, especially for professional riders needing to develop maximum sustainable power and prevention of long term injury due to constant training and minimal rest days. I have LLD (leg length difference) which is corrected on the left shoe (LLD shims under cleat) for my road bike with great comfort and performance increase. I got this so dialled that the SPD's on my 29'er then felt horrible - I ended up going back to flat pedals and Five Ten shoes where the body automatically makes corrections on foot placement as its not locked with a cleat, and generally more standing pedalling allows the pelvis to float like when walking/running I went through so much trouble over the years with the LLD issue and other sport injuries, that it lead me to train with Tony Corke in Bath, UK as a Bikefit Professional bike fitter where I've started applying my experiences to assist others in getting the most from their two-wheeled fun! cheers, and happy trails! RC

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