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June 11, 2021, 9:15 a.m. -  Seb_Kemp

I've been riding one of these Bronsons in size large for about 4-5 months and a little last summer. I've been riding size larges (in SCB bikes) for a long time now. But I'm currently toying with getting a size medium for the long-term. Maybe I'm shrinking (I know my back is tightening by the year, so I probably should be doing as much yoga as Cam does). I also think I'm finding enough natural stability between the wheels now bikes are longer so perhaps I can trade a little of it to have a bike that allows me to feel the daring edge of traction more often. It might also require less weight transfer fore and aft for someone with my body proportions (I will never dunk and I always need someone to pass me the salt), and it might result in a less stretched back on long, steep, slogging climbs. I suppose what I'm saying is terms like small, medium and large might not perhaps tell all the story. While Cam's body proportions and riding style suits the XL, if you're taller it might not necessarily rule out the XL.

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