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June 10, 2021, 10:59 a.m. -  MuscogeeMasher

SO ABOUT THOSE TRUNNION BEARINGS . . . Banshee has a nice exploded diagram that lists those bearings as F6900 LLU Max Enduro. Problem is that, as best I can tell in the US looking at ABI Industries, those bearings don't exist or at least are not part of Enduro's regular catalogue.  It's either: 6900 FO LLU Max, which is flanged but also offset F6900-2RS, which I think is flanged without an offset, but I also think is not a full complement bearing and I know does not have as good a seal as an LLU. If I remember correctly from pulling the linkage apart awhile ago, the seals on those trunnion bearings do look different than a typical MAX bearing and may very well be the 6900-2RS.  I know trunnions can be hard on bearings, but the Titan seems to be really well aligned.  If they are 6900-2RS, maybe some of the difference in longevity could result from a less-than-ideal bearing spec on the trunnion (assuming you want MAX bearings on a trunnion mount)? Can anyone clear this up so we can all order our spare trunnion bearings?  Am I just totally whiffing on some aspect of this?  Thanks in advance!

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