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June 10, 2021, 9:58 a.m. -  MuscogeeMasher

Great review. FWIW, I’ve got an XL Titan at 6’1” with long legs and really, really long arms (ape index of 1.06) and am really happy.  Running 29 both ends with the shorter dropouts and, even though it’s a big change for me, I’m liking the long rear center (which is really the only geo aspect that might be objectionable given it will take an angleset). Definitely a little different and not sure I’d like it on my trail bike, especially given that the trail bike no longer sees winch-and-plummet riding or long gnarly or really-high-speed descents. My trail bike is 475 reach, 435mm rear center. If I had a magic wand, I’d make it 440 or 445 and see how that felt.  But, digging 452 on the Titan. I’d highly recommend the Titan so long as you pay close attention to the seat post insertion and making sure you’re going to be content. On the fender, you can play around in Adobe and get their template to print to scale with a normal printer on a legal sheet of paper. However, after doing that I think that time is better spent making your own fender. I threw up some pictures of what I did in case it helps others.   []( Beyond the fender, I’d also say mandatory build and maintenance items to make sure you have when you build it up are: 1 - foam tubing or another plan to make sure the cables are quiet 2 - mastic tape to put on the bottom link where the dropper housing is going to rub on it 3 - if you don’t already own one, a 6mm stubby l-wrench so you can check the torque on the lower pivot without removing the chainring or resorting to a ball-end hex. That was a new one for me given the full suspension bikes I’ve owned to date. Really like what Banshee is doing as a company and appreciate them, Knolly, and others for still making bikes like the Titan!

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