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June 10, 2021, 7:45 a.m. -  rcybak

I have a 2021 Rune, which is by far the most fun bike I've ever ridden. I think it's essentially a Titan, but with a tiny bit more travel. First, if you think that a 29/27.5 mullet corners well, you should see how a full 27.5/27 5 corners! It's out of this world how the Rune holds its line through any type of corner, with just having to keep your weight over the pedals the entire time. You can feel the tires digging in, with traction loss only something that happens to other bikes. I resisted the bike industry's marketing department insistence that 29ers are the future, and went with the wheel size I know works better for the riding I love to do out here in Coquitlam, on the Shore, and up in Squamish and Whistler. All this shock talk does have me curious about what I might be missing out on, but the 2021 X2 Performance that came with my frame seems to be doing a great job of what I'm asking it to do. I find that this bike definitely needs to be let go, or let loose to really experience the benefits of the design. I didn't realize how much holding back I was doing with my previous bikes until I got comfortable on the Rune, because as soon as I started letting it go, and trusting what it is capable of, that's when I was rewarded. It definitely favors pounding through rough sections, and it does so by refusing to be bounced around by anything. The added weight of the frame, especially the shock cage right where you want to weight the bike is so advantageous that the UCI would probably ban it if they could. I used to be quite a weight weenie, so the decision to weight up was a tough one, but I can unequivocally say that it's effects are only positive. On the hill climbs, it rides as well as my last bike, which was a few pounds lighter. Anyway, everyone should find the Banshee that suits them, and buy one now.

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