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June 9, 2021, 9:47 p.m. -  Andrew Major

A -2° HTA, mulleted, Phantom is absolutely in my top-ten, maybe even top-five, list of frames I'd love to try. I'd leave the fork at 120mm (albeit a tall 120mm given it's a Durolux). That's how I have my current project - the Yeti SB104BBR - setup but I'd love to have the high/low BB height adjustment and multiple wheelbase options to play with.  I should actually do a piece about my top-five frames I'd love to try and why. That could certainly lead to some fun discussions. My absolute \#1 right now is the new Santa Cruz Blur. I'd mullet that, ram a 2.6" tire in the back, lock in a 1.5° 9Point8 Slack'r headset, throw on my 120mm Durolux, and Shore-XC the crap out of that bike.  So yeah, nothing realistic about the top-five, but it would be fun.

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