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June 9, 2021, 7:44 p.m. -  Kevin Bond

Cool review. Thanks!  I’ve had time on the Phantom, Prime, and Titan. Of the three the Titan is the more irresponsible choice as it climbs the slowest, but is more fun coming back down and in the turns. Having fun is why I ride, so I’ll happily suffer slightly more on a climb to get my reward. That said I don’t hate climbing my Titan, but I’m not a Strava chaser. If I wanted to rank on segments I should probably buy a plastic wonder bike, lycra, a heart rate monitor and start climbing faster.  I bought a Tri air based largely on your recommendation and it absolutely made the bike come alive. Lately I’ve been running the tri air in the mid position and firming up my grip 2 for trail riding with great results. More platform to push against with some travel in reserve for emergencies.  Btw If anyone is interested in a Tri air act soon. Suntour is revamping the shock for 2022 and the new version is no longer Banshee compatible.  Thanks for all the insights!

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