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June 9, 2021, 2:17 p.m. -  moraucf

Awesome review! Brings up two thoughts. 1\. This is a REAL bike review. I'd argue it's so hard to gain anything from one ride "reviews" when we all know that 10cm adjustment here, a little suspension adjustment there, and small component changes to top it off have absolutely massive impacts to how a bike rides.   2\. I kind of get wanting same geo in shorter travel but on the other hand, shorter travel frames and suspension are not much lighter, if at all, and you can get a shorter travel ride feel with suspension adjustment (increase spring rate). Works especially well with suspension that has decent midstroke support and can be made linear enough to still bottom with increased initial spring rate, like a mezzer. Case in point, I have 2 geometron g16s. One of them is 27.5, 180mm Mezzer, 175mm Storia while the second one is setup 29er, 160mm Mezzer, 155mm Mara Pro and light wheels and fast tires. Also the suspension on 29er is setup a lot more linear with a fairly stiff initial spring rate (I use ~125 out of 160 on a normal ride but still bottom when needed). It feels like a snappy trail bike in comparison with the change in pump/jump timing and everything but I still have the wonderful geometry I love and is still fun on even tamer trails in my opinion.  Also,  Add me to the 2020 DHX2 hater club. My Mara Pro and Storia both vastly outperformed that shock.

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