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June 9, 2021, 11:50 a.m. -  ShawMac

Awesome Dan. This almost my exact experience with the Prime as well for riding in Squamish. Phantom wouldn't feel like enough, and the Titan was just too much bike for my level of confidence. I have not had any bearing issues yet... I don't know if they are INA or Enduro, but when it comes time to replace I will look for the highest quality I can. I think I am going to check those trunnion bearings though... I did not notice any catches when I re-greased recently, but didn't really focus on it either. I did not know that there was the template for the inner fender! The first thing I did for winter riding was cut out a clear cranberry juice container and sip tie it in there. The amount of mud that builds in the lower linkage is unacceptable without. I do use the "climb switch" on the DPX2 for road climbs and use the middle setting for rougher trail climbs. It is tuned to be a really minimal compression change vs older true lock out modes so it isn't necessary. I have been a "sit and spin" climber for a long time; however contrary to Andrew, in the last few weeks I have seen a lot of success in getting up out of the saddle with a slower grind cadence for technical parts... maybe the Prime is a little more suited for it.  I too have debated trying a mullet, and if I can find a reasonably priced rear wheel with an old HG driver I may just plunge in. Have also considered trying a coil but the 185x55 coilers are harder to come by (and I really don't know how much money I am willing to throw at a bike trying things lol).

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