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June 9, 2021, 7:16 a.m. -  schmung

I looked at fast flexxx, but it's a bit cost prohibitive just to try something. I might try the SQLab bars to see how the increase is backsweep feels before going the whole hog. It might be that changing wrist position is more helpful than the vibration damping.  I think the other factor with climbing is what sort of climbing you do - for me everything local is a fireroad slog or up a lane, so as long as bike has some sort of lockout and doesn't bob around too much it all comes down to weight. Kitsuma sits on the bike very nicely with no issues, there's an owners thread over at mtbr and some guys there running it, so I knew it would be ok before purchasing. My old CCDB is normal eyelet mount, so it's hard to do a direct comparison, but they seem to be very similar in terms of reservoir size etc oh and really enjoyed the two part in-depth review.  It's much more useful to a potential buyer than the format you tend to see elsewhere and especially valuable for a bike that's sold as frame only.

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