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June 9, 2021, 6:24 a.m. -  Andrew Major

_“I did also look at the possibility of the Prime, but my main concern with being over biked was weight rather than geo, climbing ability or anything else and if I'm sticking coil on both ends and proper tyres and wheels then the penalty for the titan is minimal so why not.”_ I’m back and forth on this all the time. My hardtail has CushCore, but rubber, etc and it’s still much more ‘fun’ on the climbs than the Titan. You’re right, capability/gram the Titan costs nothing over a shorter travel rig with the same build. I just don’t think I care... maybe? I’m working on figuring it out. I  dropped the Durolux EQ to 120mm and moved everything but the shock as is over to a used Yeti frame to play around with just this concept.  On that note, anyone reading with an integrated IS41/IS52 headset on an older bike - the 9Point8 Slack’r isn’t just a great product, it’s a community service!!! (Review coming soon).

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